How to Prevent your Baby From Getting Sick

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2019

You have a little one who you are so proud about, but how do you show him off while keeping him protected?

You have a few options-

1. Stay home!
A new baby is a great excuse for you to ditch going anywhere. You can always invite your friends and family to your place for a personal introduction to your beautiful baby. Keeping your baby away from crowds and minimizing his exposure to people for the first 3 months is by far the safest bet.

2. Add an infant carrier, socks, and mittens to your diaper bag.

  • I know it is adding more stuff to an already-full bag, but trust me, you will thank yourself! By putting your snugglebunny in an infant carrier, you are the only one that gets to hold her. Also, most people won’t try to kiss the baby or get too close because then it encroaches on your personal bubble. SCORE!
  • Speaking of personal bubbles, why do strangers feel so comfortable touching babies’ feet and hands? And always without asking! Footie pajamas or socks will keep feet clean and away from germs, and mittens do the same for the hands. Those cute little baby hands go in the mouth from day one and the feet start at around 3 months of age. Let’s face it… everything goes in their mouths!
  • Once you leave your destination or get home, take off your baby’s clothes, mittens, and socks and throw them into the wash. This will help make sure you don’t keep any unwanted germ guests.


3. Find someone to watch the baby while you go out

  • This does require some advanced planning and can be super stressful. Whether it is to the store, to get a pedicure, or date night, this is an important step for you whenever you decide to take it.

Remember, you are your baby’s protector do what you need to do to keep them safe and minimize illness. However, keeping them in a hand sanitizer bubble will backfire as well. Use your best judgement in situations. If you end up making someone mad, they will get over it and if your baby gets sick don’t beat yourself up either, life happens.



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