If you’re about to welcome a baby into your home, whether you're pregnant, using a surrogate, adopting, or fostering, you've probably realized there is a lot to learn about caring for newborns. Newborns are different in so many ways, and if you're not prepared to meet their unique needs, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly.

Maybe you've had a lot of experiences with small children, or maybe you haven't had any. There is something very different about holding, caring for, and being the ultimate authority when it comes to YOUR baby. That's why you'll find teachers, doctors, and even lifelong nannies who are absolutely ROCKED by the birth of their own children.

When you found out a little one was coming into your life, you likely committed to do everything in your power to provide stability and love for your new baby. You're excited to share your life with a brand new little person. But in spite of your good intentions, the love in your heart, and your previous successes in life, you realize that you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to taking care of your baby day in and day out.

You realize that you don't know what you don't know.

You’ve likely seen the memes about new parent sleep deprivation, and you may be wondering whether it really is THAT BAD, and if so, how will it impact your mood, your thoughts, and your decision-making.

Whatever your motivation is, you have come to a point where you can bravely admit to yourself that in order to feel truly confident bringing your new baby home, you must learn more about how to meet his or her needs.


Here's a glimpse of the positive side of parenting;
the love and joy that surpasses all the feel-good Instagram filters.

Well-prepared and well-supported parents can experience:

  • ...the ability to READ THEIR BABY'S SIGNALS.

    This leads to the baby's needs being met more quickly, which equals less stress for everyone. Parents who can do this use their intuition, but also understand babies’ basic needs and recognize their signs. The perks of developing this skill cannot be overstated, as misunderstandings are a major cause of friction throughout all of childhood.
  • ...an incredible BOND WITH THEIR BABY.

    As tired as they may be, these parents are fully engulfed in their love. They spend time just being together, observing and communicating with each other. These positive emotions become the glue that holds families together through stressful times.
  • ...an unshakeable CONFIDENCE, even when things seem like they are going a bit sideways.

    These parents understand that there is no recipe for a tear-free baby experience. What they have is a roadmap to know what's normal and what’s not normal. Confident parents realize many things are not as scary as they seem (which helps them make better decisions!).
  • ...a feeling of CONNECTEDNESS to the broader world.

    Babies have a captivating effect and for many parents, this can be a time for strengthening critical friendships and building new ones with other growing families.

    Research has shown that mothers who have better social support and self-confidence in taking care of their newborns have a lower chance of developing these distressing emotions that affect roughly 10-15% of moms worldwide. 1

1. Leahy-Warren P, McCarthy G, Corcoran P. First-time mothers: social support, maternal parental self-efficacy and postnatal depression. J Clin Nurs. 2012 Feb;21(3-4):388-97. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2702.2011.03701.x. Epub 2011 Mar 25. PubMed PMID: 21435059.

But these benefits don't just arrive randomly, and they definitely don’t come naturally to everyone who has a child.

"Am I really ready for this baby?"


You’ve read some books; maybe a bunch of books! You’re an intelligent, caring person. But you've never done THIS before. Even if you have had some experience with children in your professional or social life, you’ve likely never had to be the final authority, the 24 hour support, the ultimate provider.

The thing so many parents are missing is THE RIGHT SUPPORT. You may have already received a lot of suggestions from well-meaning friends and family. What you really need is a trustworthy source to answer your questions as they come up. 



Unfortunately, many new parents experience a very lonely, question-filled first few months.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be one of them, as long as you avoid the following false beliefs.

False beliefs that prevent new parents from getting the support they need:

False Belief #1

“Babies are a natural part of life. I’m sure my instincts will tell me what to do.”

How great would it be if this were true! Unfortunately, our modern Western culture does a pretty solid job of insulating us from seeing the realities of child rearing until it’s our turn. As a result, many parents have almost no experience to guide their instincts.

Is there value in trusting your gut? Absolutely, yes. But without a fact-based framework to give some perspective to our intuition, we end up flapping back and forth in the breeze.

Parents who intend to raise confident kids should strive to meet their children’s needs for structure and predictability.


False Belief #2

“I’ve heard it will be tough, but we’ll just suffer through it. We are strong and don’t need help.”

This is different from simply trying to take a positive approach. It’s more like making yourself a martyr, as if suffering proves the love you have for your child. It’s important to note that a lack of support correlates with higher rates of postpartum depression,1 which affects the long-term health and development of the baby.2 Looking at it from that perspective, who is ultimately suffering if the parents refuse to accept help?

Wise parents understand that asking for help is a sign of strength, NOT weakness.

2. Maternal depression and child development. Paediatr Child Health. 2004 Oct;9(8):575-598. PubMed PMID: 19680490; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2724169.


False Belief #3

“I’m taking a couple months off work. That should give me plenty of time to figure things out as we go along.”

Let’s think of it this way: When would be a better time to learn to play piano? Before or during a huge performance? If you were going on a backpacking trip, would you want to study the map before you ventured out, or after you got lost?

It’s hard to convey the incredible limitations on your moment-to-moment existence once you’re home with a newborn. Unfortunately, there is no mental energy for learning new things, only wiping poop off of all the old things.

Well-prepared parents do their homework ahead of time.


False Belief #4

“I've read several baby books and went to a class. I will remember what I need to when the time comes.”

You’re halfway to success here! Unfortunately, there’s a thing called pregnancy brain. And there’s another thing called new parent brain. Neither of these afflictions are helpful during high-level cognitive activities, such as raising a child.

As brilliant as you may feel when you are at peak performance, you would be smart to realize that you won’t be in that zone very often in the months following your baby’s birth. What you will need then is a robust cheat sheet stored in a convenient place.

Resourceful parents have a plan for how to get a trustworthy answer to the questions they never thought to ask until 3 AM.


Do you want to take excellent care of the tiny person who will be coming home soon?

Of course you do!


But the more you think about it, the more you realize that desire alone won’t make you PREPARED. You’re going to have to do some work and learn a thing or two.

Even after you do your best studying, there are going to be some bumps along the way that you hadn’t anticipated. You will need a trusted source of frequently asked questions that you can refer back to in time of need.

These are precisely the needs we set out to serve when we created this comprehensive learning course. 


Newborn Care for Newbies

with Monica and Brent Simmons

The comprehensive baby care training system that will make you the most confident, well-prepared first time parents on the block.

We have a combined 20 years of nursing background coupled with the experience of raising our 4 young children (including a set of twins), from which we have collected our best wisdom to impart to new moms and dads.

When we had our first kid, we were surprised to learn that in spite of our training and experience as registered nurses, we felt we were not as well prepared for parenthood as we would have liked. Because of the struggles we experienced, we decided we would dedicate ourselves to helping support other new moms and dads. We have spent the last 4 years serving our local community in Phoenix, AZ with in-person classes and services for expectant parents. But all along, we knew that one day parents like YOU would be in a similar position to where we once were, and we wanted to be ready to help you in a big way.

Newborn Care for Newbies will give you the factual knowledge you need to begin meeting your baby’s needs from day one. It will provide you with the kind of education and support we wish we had 8 years ago.

The end result: You will know how to confidently meet all of your baby’s needs.

Here's what you can expect from Newborn Care for Newbies:


  • An incredibly sturdy foundation of training to cover the basics of baby care.
  • Access 24/7 to all the videos with a unique search function to help quickly find what you need.
  • Downloadable resources to take on the go or in the comfort of your own home.
  • The confidence that comes from having a tested support system from a reputable source.


So if you're ready to gain that kind of confidence,

here's how we'll help you get there:

Newborn Care for Newbies is a video training course that goes through all the things new parents need to know to take good care of their babies. It includes:

  • numerous printable PDFs to make it easier to have the most critical information where you need it.
  • topic-specific modules so you can watch in either small increments or one marathon session.
  • best practices from the American Academy of Pediatrics, explained in a way that everyone will understand.
  • built-in search tool that shows you every instance where your search term was used within the entire video library.

Here is a rundown of the modules in our
Newborn Care for Newbies course:

Module 1

A Healthy Start

Some of the things that worry new parents are actually normal, expected findings in newborns. This module helps you know the difference between something to worry about and something to just appreciate.

Module Highlights:

  • Why your baby won't look at you from far away
  • How to promote healthy development
  • Preventing some common injuries and illnesses
Module 2

The Importance of Sleep

Do you appreciate sleeping enough? Your baby does too! Let's make sure there's plenty of it to go around.

Module Highlights:

  • SIDS prevention
  • Sleep deprived parenting tips
  • ABC's of sleep
Module 3

On a Mission for Nutrition

Your baby's growth and development has a lot to do with the quality and quantity of her food. Get started on the right foot with nursing or formula or both.

Module Highlights:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Reading your baby's hunger cues
  • Burping
  • Bottle feeding
Module 4

The Scoop on Poop

You know there is a lot of poop coming to your house very soon, right? What to do with it all? We'll teach you.

Module Highlights:

  • What you should expect to see in baby's diapers
  • Treating and preventing rashes
  • Changing diapers
Module 5

Keep Calm and Soothe On

Nobody likes to hear a crying baby. Love your child? Yes, of course! But the crying has got to come to an end, right?

Module Highlights:

  • How to not let the crying get to you
  • Troubleshooting causes of fussiness
  • Calming and soothing
Module 6

Baby's Spa Day

You're hired as your newborn's aesthetician! Now you might want to learn your job description.

Module Highlights:

  • Some things you'll need to know about baby skin
  • Trimming the nails
  • Baby bath time

Try it out! Risk-free!

We are confident that you will be much more well-prepared with our help. If you don't feel that your investment was well-spent, we will offer you a full refund within the following parameters.

First of all, you've gotta dig in like the star student you know you can be. If you can't commit to yourself that you will watch the videos and download the PDFs, we'd really prefer you just keep your money in the first place. WE WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

So if you purchased Newborn Care for Newbies, you've gotten into the course, began watching and reading the content, and you still don't feel MUCH more confident bringing your newborn home, please email [email protected] within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

There may be other rare exceptions, such as loss of pregnancy, that would warrant a refund. Please reach out to us if you feel you should get a refund, and we will consider your situation on a case-by-case basis.

You don't have to wonder if you'll know what to do when your baby arrives. With the right information at the right time, you will be the most confident, well prepared first time parents on the block.


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